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The Better Back Program is specifically aimed at those who suffer back pain in need of a highly structured, individual, and research-based program to assist in recapturing and sustaining mobility, strength, core stability and general well-being

Do you fall into one of these categories?

• In need of increased core stability and strength to regain function

• Back pain that is affecting quality of life

• Workman’s compensation claimants who have reached a plateau with their rehab and therapy

• Tested a number of therapists with no success and want to take charge of their back pain

• Had orthopaedic surgery and in need of more treatment

• Post-natal women looking to regain core stability and strength.

• Looking to lose weight and improve fitness to reduce blood pressure, depression and fatigue.


Program involves a detailed initial assessment followed by the implementation of a

structured exercise and rehabilitation program.

The Sessions:

A typical consultation session involves a specific one-on-one twice each week.  Additional exercises will be provided for you to complete in your own home.

How do I get started?