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Lift for Life® is perfect for any age and any fitness level. even if you haven’t been physically active in a while, Lift for Life® will help improve your quality- of-life! 

What is Lift for Life?

Lift for Life® is a unique resistance training program designed for adults with (or at risk of developing) type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions. Resistance training involves using your own body weight or resistance equipment like a dumbbell or rubberized band. The great thing about Lift for Life® is that you can start at a level that’s right for you and go at your own pace.

It is designed to address the specific needs of people with or at risk of diabetes and other chronic conditions. The program is made up of a series of three 8 week programs: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Even if you haven’t been physically active in a while, Lift for Life® will help improve your quality-of-life! There are low-cost options available to make it easier to get started and making it accessible for everyone.

The Benefits of Lift for Life

Through Lift for Life®, you can begin to see benefits in the first few weeks. Even simple things like shopping, gardening or playing with the kids become easier and more enjoyable. You can also achieve:

  • better diabetes control
  • increased muscle strength and tone
  • a healthier weight
  • stronger bones, improved flexibility, balance and posture
  • improved mood and increased energy

Studies have also found other major benefits that people can get from Lift for Life’s research-to-practice program. A few of these also included:

  • increases upper and lower body strength
  • provides significant decrease in waist circumference
  • reduces HBA1c levels by 0.8 percentage points, enough to reduce the risk of diabetes complications

The Logistics of the Program

Begin your journey by booking yourself for an initial assessment.

This initial assessment is all about setting achievable goals and developing a strength training program that suits your needs. Once you have booked your initial assessment, you may need to talk to your doctor and have them complete the Recommendation to Participate Form.

Not everyone will need their doctor’s approval to participate in Life for Life®, just those that are identified as having a higher risk of certain exercise related complications. The initial assessment is an essential part of the Lift for Life® referral process as it allows the Lift for Life® trainer to design an individual program specifically to the needs of all Participants.

Lift for Life’s training program comes in Bronze, Silver, Gold programs.

All sessions are run in small groups, up to 4 people, and you only need to attend 2 sessions a week to start noticing improvements. Tony will guide you through each session, with individual advice and support, in a friendly environment. 

 If the small group class does not suit you a 1-1 option is available.


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This Program is supported by funding from the Australian Government.