Tony Muratori


Tony’s speciality is taking athletes with postural and structural issues and correcting them to become free of restriction and pain so you can perform at the highest level, be it national or on the international stage.

Because every sports person is different, each has a different response to exercise as well as to specific conditioning and exercise methods appropriate for your sport. First I correct any postural or muscle imbalances. Then we will strengthen your body. Finally, once that’s achieved we will move to more sports specific training that will replicate the movements used in your sport, with a programme that is specifically designed to take you to the levels you require to perform at your best 

As a C.H.E.K Practitioner Tony’s training approach takes a multidisciplinary approach to-

1.     Correct any postural/ structural imbalances.

2.     Strengthen/ condition the body.

3.     Specific high performance training programs.